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Diener’s game-winning 3-pointer gives Golden Eagles Alumni spot in TBT championship

Travis Diener, 37, didn’t know if he’d be playing in the The Basketball Tournament after not playing the first few games in Wichita.

“I didn’t know I was (going to be) playing. Last Wednesday, I was with Maurice Acker and Joe (Chapman), and they were like, ‘Are you trying to come back and play?’ And I was like, ‘I’d love to play, and I’d love to be a part of (the team),” Diener said. “That night, Twitter was blowing up saying I was playing, so I texted Joe (Chapman) and said, ‘So I guess I’m playing?”

That decision made a big impact Sunday, as the 37-year-old hit the game-winning three in the Elam Ending to secure a 68-62 win over Team Hines send Golden Eagles Alumni to the TBT championship for the first time.