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Ask Crouchie! Our resident columnist is back to answer YOUR questions... on why Man City can't blame poor form on Pep Guardiola's contract uncertainty, how James Milner will make a really top manager... and Man United's absolute shocker of a kit!

Unusual transfers, acrobatic goals and a walk on the wild side with fashion come under Peter Crouch's gaze this week.

But to start things off, Sportsmail's columnist offers his expert analysis on the situation at the Etihad Stadium...

What do you think is the issue with Manchester City – something doesn't seem right about them?

Liam Wraith via Twitter

I'm not sure I'd agree with that, Liam. The first thing I'd say about Saturday's game is that West Ham have made massive improvements. I said in my first column of the season they were going to be the 'rollercoaster club' and they have hit the part of the track that rises in recent weeks.