Manchester United: Identifying problems and finding solutions

Manchester United is probably the most prestigious club in the world. Over the globe the club has hundreds of millions of fans that support the club through thick and thin. But the past year the club has had a difficult time on the pitch. Ever since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, the club haven’t performed to the best of its abilities. Many have tried to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it - nobody seems to be able within the club to fix the issues.

Over the course of the last couple of years The Red Devils has been defying online bookmakers and done whatever the club has wanted trying to win the Premier League. This article intends - in short fashion - to explain the problems and the solutions to Manchester United’s future. 

Squad problems - what are the team lacking? 
Let’s start with the current squad anno 2020. This transfer window has been very slow for United and the only signing made has been Donny Van De Beek from Ajax. The signing of Van De Beek is a good one for United cause it gives them another quality midfielder to put on the pitch. He is an offensive midfielder, much like Bruno Fernandes, who is currently the only reason United seems like a top tier team. Fernandes keeps the things organized in the last part of the pitch, which was what was needed. 

United Squad is a great one, at least the starting 11 is pretty great. The front trio with Rashford, Martial and Greenwood has the ability to score a lot of goals if they are assisted and helped enough. That is where Bruno Fernandes and Van De Beek enter the frame. The problem with United’s squad is the depth. If they are in trouble in a game or the key players need to rest a bit, the bench isn’t filled with quality. Substitutions don't go well for United cause they always put in the same type of player - the same fast paced players are on the bench as on the field. This means that there are no new threats or change in playing style, when wanting to make a sub - this is a big problem, cause it is easy to defend against. 

Manager problems - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right man for the job? 
There has been a lot of debate the reason months about the manager OGS. OGS has done a good job at United and have taken them to a third place in the Premier League last season and therefore securing Champions League for the club. This is a major achievement for the club. 

The problem that OGS seems to have is tactical. It might be because of the poor depth in the squad but facing problems in the games he seems to lack the creative and tactical knowledge to do anything. United have been best when playing on the counter attack and that is fine for a club who wants to compete in the middle of the league but if you want to win trophies, you need to be able to open up defences and compete vs. the big teams as well. 

United are lacking the ability to open up defenses and the main reason that is happening is because the team is playing too slow. That is the problem of OGS, he isn’t playing fast enough.  That is not the players fault, that is the coaching staff's fault. They need to practice at a higher pace and need to practice drills for opening up defences. 

There were games last season where he seemed to have given up. He just sits on the bench staring at the game like he doesn’t know what to do. OGS has had a great manager career and he will always be a United legend, but is he the right man for the job. Some would say that he is doing well under the circumstances and the problem is higher up the corporate chain. 

Management issues - the lack of transfers
Many are pointing the finger at Ed Woodward, who is lacking the knowledge and ability to take the club further than where it is. Transfers have been lacking for the past 5 years and those who have been picked up by The Red Devils are never the quality they were looking for - except for a few. The problem is that everytime a player is rumored to the club, they aren’t acting on it. Sancho has been rumoured for the better part of a year and he hasn’t joined yet. The other top clubs sign players. You don’t hear the rumours before it is in the bag. THere needs to be more and better execution by the club and it needs to happen soon - or they will fall far behind the others. 

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