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Watford wizard Gerard Deulofeu is a man in a hurry ahead of FA Cup final against Man City

A little over five minutes into our interview and Gerard Deulofeu starts to motion with his right hand.

It looks at first as though he is maybe stifling a sneeze. When he does it again a minute later, it seems as though he is swatting away an imaginary fly.

It’s not exactly a conversational aid but it’s not meant to be. What the young Watford midfielder is actually trying to do is indicate that the interview is over.

Gerard Deulofeu turned Watford's FA Cup semi-final round in a matter of minutes
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‘I said I would do ten minutes,’ he says.

I point out that we have been talking for seven, and that ten minutes is not an awfully long time for an interview arranged to set up the showpiece finale of the English football season.