The St. Louis Rams Were Never Really Interested In Signing Brett Favre

It looks like the whole "the Rams are trying to bring 74-year-old Brett Favre back to the NFL" story was a classic case of ESPN jumping the snap.

Last week, several members of the Rams front office were on a call with Bus Cook, who represents QB Austin Davis (who the Rams recently brought in as a possible Sam Bradford replacement). The Rams management spent a while talking about Davis and inquiring about his availability, and as the call was ending one jokingly asked "Hey, what about Favre?"

It was meant as a one-liner to lighten the mood, but apparently someone without a sense of humor was responsible for leaking the quote out of context.

"It was just a joke," a Rams source told insider Ian Rapaport. "It was just a throwaway line. Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor?'"

Favre, 44, is coaching high school football and earlier this week confirmed that he has zero interest in an NFL comeback.


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