Jeff Fisher has great reason for delayed signing of Rams draft picks

In tonight's Rams news update, St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has a very good reason why he hasn't any of his picks from the 2014 NFL Draft.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, "per a source with knowledge of the situation, coach Jeff Fisher once again intends to delay the process in order to ensure that the players are prepared to handle the infusion of cash that they’ll be realizing."

The team believes that providing their picks with a crash course in how to handle the large influx of money they're about to receive will help them to realize the significance of the money when it first hits their bank accounts.

In Florio's words, "in the past, the lesson has included an armored vehicle showing up with $1 million in cash, and Fisher then showing the players how much goes to taxes and how much goes to the agent before the player starts getting paid in 17 installments that ultimately need to last for 52 weeks."

It is an extremely cool lesson that Fisher is providing for these young players - especially since there's no rule saying he has to take such caring precautions.


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