The 3 Most Overrated St. Louis Rams Players In 2015

The St. Louis Rams haven't had a winning record since 2003. Jeff Fisher needs to turn things around this season, or else he might end up without a job. Unfortunately, the Rams have some overrated players on their roster. Here are the three most overrated players on the Rams in 2015. 

Greg Robinson 

Greg Robinson could end up being really good. But right now, Robinson is not a starting-caliber tackle. The Rams are planning on starting him this season, and for the sake of their offense, he better get things turned around quickly. 

James Laurinaitis 

He's regressed each season since 2010. He's serviceable in all aspects of the game, but he's no longer a great linebacker. It's time for the Rams to start looking for Laurinaitis' replacement. 

Nick Foles

From a sheer talent perspective, Foles isn't as good as Sam Bradford. Foles also isn't as overrated as he was when he first became the Eagles' starter. Still, he's an above average quarterback at best. Chip Kelly's offense made him look better than he really was. His offensive line won't be as good in St. Louis as it was in Philadelphia. So don't expect an incredible season out of Foles. However, just by staying healthy, Foles will be a massive improvement over what the Rams had last year. 

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