Top 5 Players The Los Angeles Lakers Can Sign In 2019 NBA Free Agency To Form A New Big 3

The Los Angeles Lakers completed the Anthony Davis trade, but they are not done yet because they have their eyes set on some big-name NBA free agents such as Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kemba Walker & Jimmy Butler in NBA free agency. Will the Lakers sign another superstar to form the newest “Big 3” in the NBA? And do the Lakers even have the cap space to afford another Nba Free Agent signing?

Host Tom Downey breaks down the top 5 NBA free agents that the Los Angeles Lakers will pursue during the Lakers offseason. Anthony Davis and LeBron James form a duo that will be close to unstoppable next season, but can they complete a new big 3? Will the Lakers trade attract Kyrie Irving to LA? Kyrie won an NBA title with LeBron James in Cleveland, will the two reunite and try to bring an NBA championship to the Lakeshow? 

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Could Kemba Walker turn down a max contract from the Hornets to try & establish himself on a championship contending team? Is Kawhi Leonard considering leaving the Raptors after winning the NBA Finals? Even though Kevin Durant will likely be out all of next season, are the Lakers still interested in signing the former MVP? Which of these players would form the best “Big 3” on the Los Angeles Lakers? Find out on the latest edition of NBA Now!

Here are the top 5 NBA Free Agents the Los Angeles Lakers will pursue this NBA offseason:
#5 Jimmy Butler
#4 Kemba Walker
#3 Kevin Durant
#2 Kawhi Leonard
#1 Kyrie Irving

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