Top 5 Free Agents The Los Angeles Lakers Should Sign Before The 2020 NBA Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the best team in basketball right now, but they’re still looking to bolster their depth before making a push in the 2020 NBA Playoffs. The team is reportedly having internal discussions about signing Dion Waiters, who was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies from the Miami Heat as a part of a salary dump. Waiters has missed a majority of this season, but he may be looking to make one final push in his career with the Los Angeles Lakers in a 6th man type role. Waiters’ play on the court has rarely been in question, but his character off the court may be an issue. IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW, host Jimmy Crowther discusses 5 free agents the Lakers could sign before the NBA Playoffs.

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Tyler Johnson was recently bought out by the Phoenix Suns after the team could not find a trade partner to take on his huge salary. Johnson is still young and is a good playmaker, but he just didn’t fit what the Phoenix Suns were doing. Tyler Johnson could be an upgrade for the Lakers over guys like Quinn Cook and Rajon Rondo.

JR Smith, who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to receive a workout from the Lakers at some point in the near future, but would he really be an upgrade for their bench? Smith hasn’t played meaningful basketball in over a year, and no one really knows what kind of shape he is in. Smith has proven himself unreliable at times, but he has always been a good 3-point shooter and could provide some value there for the Lakers going into the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

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Jamal Crawford was playing for the Phoenix Suns last season, but went into the summer as a free agent. Crawford scored over 50 points in a game last season against the Dallas Mavericks, so many were surprised when no one added the veteran 6th man. However, the Lakers could look to bring him on as a scoring punch off the bench if they feel he can still contribute at a high level. Jeff Green was signed this summer by the Utah Jazz but didn’t last long as he was waived halfway through this season. Green could provide some true value when it comes to defending opposing wings and even some smaller power forward in today’s game.

Top 5 Free Agents for the Lakers:
- Dion Waiters
- Tyler Johnson
- JR Smith
- Jamal Crawford
- Jeff Green

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