The Latest Lakers Draft Rumors On A Potential Trade, Brandon Ingram And More

The Los Angeles Lakers kept their draft pick and hold the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft, after the lottery went their way Tuesday night. With the lottery complete, the rumors and speculation surrounding the Lakers and what they'll do with that pick is heating up. Here are the latest and greatest of the Lakers draft rumors. 

Lakers Looking To Move Pick?
The Lakers have the No. 2 overall pick, but that doesn't mean they'll end up keeping it. Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report reports that the Lakers are actively looking into trading the No. 2 overall pick. 

"Still, the Lakers will actively explore trading the pick," Ding writes. "They want to get better as soon as possible — in part to make sure Philadelphia doesn’t get too good of a pick next year when the Lakers’ first-rounder conveys to the 76ers if it’s outside the top three. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak is also seeking a better blend of youth and experience on the roster. But it's an open question if the Lakers can find a star another club is willing to send away."

The Lakers are likely targeting a player such as Indiana's Paul George, Chicago's Jimmy Butler or Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins. However, there's a good chance none of those players end up being dealt. The Lakers might end up keeping their pick, and they'll take Duke's Brandon Ingram or LSU's Ben Simmons. 

Lakers "Thrilled" With Landing Ingram?
Sticking with Ding again, it appears the Lakers would be fine with either Simmons or Ingram. Simmons is generally viewed as the draft's top player, but Ingram isn't far behind. The Lakers will end up with one of those two players, unless they trade the pick. In fact, the Lakers would be "thrilled" if the Sixers took Simmons. Los Angeles has already interviewed Ingram, and were "wowed." So if the Lakers don't land Simmons, it appears they'll be happy with the Ingram. Plus, Ingram's scoring ability is probably a better fit for the Lakers' roster than Simmons. 

Warriors Tricked Luke Walton
A Golden State Warriors executive played a cruel prank on soon-to-be Lakers head coach Luke Walton. 

Had the pick fallen out of the Top 3, the Lakers pick would have gone to the 76ers. But of course, the Lakers kept their pick and will land one of the two elite talents in this year's draft.

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