Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Among Final 3 Teams For Dion Waiters

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a quiet free agency so far, but they might sign a notable player soon. The Lakers are among the final teams with a chance to sign Dion Waiters. 

Waiters put up 15.8 points per game last year and the Heat want to retain him after missing out on Gordon Hayward. However, the Lakers are looking for guard depth and Waiters happens to be the former client of Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. 

One potential issue for Waiters and the Lakers is that Los Angeles wants to sign players to only one-year deals. That allows them to maintain their cap flexibility for next year when they pursue Paul George and others.

The Lakers might be willing to offer Waiters more money than the Heat or Knicks, giving him the chance to enter the market again. On the other hand, perhaps Waiters is looking for more security at slightly less money. 

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