Lakers Rumors: Lakers Want Kawhi Over LeBron, No Player Is Untouchable In Trades

There are plenty of Los Angeles Lakers rumors to break down with the offseason coming up fast. We cover the new report that the Lakers may want LeBron James over Kawhi Leonard and could save one of their max slots to sign him in 2019. We also go over the report that no player on the Lakers is untouchable in trade talks and the team could move a young piece for the right price.

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We break down the new report on the Lakers negotiations with Julius Randle as well as the team’s demand from Lonzo Ball to improve his strength and conditioning for the upcoming NBA season, Lastly, we cover the Lakers reportedly promising C Mitchell Robinson that they will select him at pick #25 overall if he’s available, Robinson was committed to Western Kentucky, but never ended up going.

Here is the list of Lakers rumors from this past weekend:
- LeBron coming to the Lakers?
- Lakers want Kawhi over LeBron?
- No player untouchable in trades?
- No negotiations with Randle yet?
- Lonzo needs to commit to body?
- Lakers promised to pick Mitchell Robinson?

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