Lakers Rumors: Lakers “Heavy Favorites” For LeBron, Team “Knows” They Can Sign Kawhi In 2019

All eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers as they gear up to possibly sign both LeBron James and Paul George this offseason. However, as the Kawhi Leonard saga raged on, it now appears the Lakers may only attempt to sign one of them in order to pick up Kawhi in 2019 when he is a free agent. We give you updates on all 3 and what the Lakers chances are to sign them.

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We also give you updates on what the Lakers' young core is up to with their season over, as well as Kobe’s recent comments about keeping them together instead of just signing expensive free agents. Lastly, we go over a few players the Lakers could draft at the end of the 1st round after they held a round of workouts on Wednesday.

Here is the list of Lakers rumors from this past week:

- Kawhi to Lakers in 2019?
- LeBron James to Lakers?
- Paul George coming to the Lakers?
- Kobe doesn't want to trade core?
- Lakers to win 40-45 games?
- Brandon Ingram bulking up?
- Lakers working out late-1st guys?
- Kuzma already working out?
- Ben Simmons ignoring Kobe's advice?

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