Lakers Rumors: Kawhi Leonard - Can The Los Angeles Lakers Land Leonard In 2019 NBA Free Agency?

2019 NBA Free Agency is just around the corner and everyone has their eyes set on Kawhi Leonard. The Toronto Raptors forward has had a phenomenal 2019 NBA Playoffs run, taking the Raptors all the way to the 2019 NBA Finals. However, he hasn’t signed an extension with Toronto and is set to become one of the biggest free agents this summer along with stars like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler.

IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Chat Sports' NBA Now host Hannah Kulik breaks down if Kawhi Leonard will leave Toronto and what the Los Angeles Lakers can do to sign him in the 2019 NBA offseason.


The Los Angeles Lakers need to put pieces around LeBron James and they will likely do so during NBA free agency. Kawhi Leonard is from L.A., can it be enough for the Lakers to get their foot in the door? Also, this entire situation seems eerily familiar for Lakers fans, is this the Paul George fiasco all over again? Could Kawhi sign an extension with Toronto just like George did with the Oklahoma City Thunder?

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