Lakers News: Los Angeles Announces Previously Secret Analytics Staff

The Los Angeles Lakers have been criticized for being behind the times with analytics, but they announced a few new analytics-based positions and hirings in their frong office on Friday.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told USA Today's Sam Amick that this was a conscious choice:

“I understand that (need to share more regarding their internal structure). We're going to be judged on the product and whether we win or lose, but the last couple of years, we're not winning. And our goal is going to remain to win games. But we do have to, I feel, we have to show our fans that we're doing everything we can to get back to that spot. If that means sharing these inner workings of the organization moreso than we ever did, then we have to do that.

“The five people that we talked about who are in charge of accumulating, acquiring and interpreting the data, I feel they measure up to anybody in the league. I would put them against anybody in the league … I would not hesitate to put our department in a debate with any other (analytics) department (of another team). I know that they would be great.”

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