Lakers News: LeBron James Wants To Resume 2019-20 NBA Season, Kyle Kuzma Wants Insurance & Dwight Howard Sitting Out?

Lakers Rumors are circulating around the potential 2019-20 NBA return, which remains at the forefront of the latest NBA news. Some NBA players remain unsure about a return. Others, like Dwight Howard, could skip returning to focus on social justice issues and not let the NBA be a distraction. LeBron James, however, plans on playing. Kyle Kuzma wants to play, but he wants insurance in case of injury. Hannah Kulik has the latest Lakers news on today’s show!

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Kyrie Irving held a players-only meeting which included nearly more than 80 NBA players such as Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard, Avery Bradley & more. Dwight Howard could potentially sit out because he believes it could be too distracting to what’s going on in the world of social reform. However, LeBron James believes they can use their platform to cast an even bigger lens on life outside the NBA.

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Kyle Kuzma and players like Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo, De’Aaron Fox & Jayson Tatum are among the stars who want to continue the 2019-20 NBA season, but they want insurance in case of injury. A majority of these players have contract years coming up, which makes sense.

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Here’s the full list of Los Angeles Lakers Rumors:
- LeBron didn’t attend players-only call?
- LeBron wants to resume 2019-20 NBA season?
- 2019-20 NBA return timetable
- Dwight Howard sitting out?
- Kyle Kuzma wants insurance?

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