Fact Or Fiction: Lakers Should Fire Byron Scott ASAP

In two seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, head coach Byron Scott has posted a woeful 32-105 record with the team. His winning percentage is just .234, down from his career .417 mark. While the Lakers have limited talent, it's fair to wonder if the team should just cut ties with their head coach. But should they get over with it and make the firing now? Let's break it down. 

Why They Should: 
Scott's record speaks for itself. He's produced one of the worst records in the NBA this season. The Lakers have shown a quick trigger finger in the past, firing Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni quickly. What makes Scott any different? It's clear that Scott isn't the long-term or short-term answer at head coach. He's managed to alienate most of the young players on the team, especially No. 2 overall pick D'Angelo Russell. For the sake of the future of the franchise, the Lakers just need to fire Scott and get over with it.  

Why They Shouldn't:
The Lakers' issues don't stem from Scott, but from limited talent. There's no way any coach would tell Kobe Bryant he's going to sit on the bench in his final year. The Los Angeles Times reports the franchise is torn on bringing back Scott for another year, in part because they wonder what Scott would do with a better roster. The Lakers are likely to add a top pick this year thanks to the team's poor record, and that will bring in a talented new player. The Lakers are holding out hope that they can land Ben Simmons. Plus, firing Scott at this point won't really do anything. The Lakers aren't going anywhere, and to be frank, losing only helps the Lakers. 

The Lakers shouldn't fire Scott before the end of the season. If the Lakers continue to struggle, that means the team is more likely to keep their top-three protected pick. That's not a sure thing because of the lottery, but the absolute worst-case scenario is that the Lakers end up with the No. 4 pick and are forced to send the pick to the 76ers. If the team holds on to Scott, they should be in a solid position to keep that draft pick. That's the most important thing for the Lakers right now. 

With that said, the Lakers can not keep Scott as the head coach next year. He's clearly not the long-term answer and the team must find someone else (Luke Walton?). But keeping Scott for the rest of the season isn't going to hurt anything. The Lakers don't need to fire Scott ASAP, but they do need someone else next year. 

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