Worst ESPY Outfits Ever

The ESPY awards bring together some of the best athletes in the world. They also bring together some of the worst dressed people out there. The 2012 edition is set for July 11th, but in order to prepare ourselves for what we might see on the red carpet we should take study some looks of the past. Before we go any further, I must admit that we at Chat Sports are far from fashion experts.

Here are the 10 worst ESPY looks.

10. Joe Johnson - Brooklyn Nets

This wouldn't be a bad look if he only had some normal shoes. I'm not sure, but it looks like the new Net is wearing Air Force Ones with a suit.

Not a good look.

Besides the shoes, Johnson went with the same color tie and shirt... Questionable decision at best.

Now that Johnson will be playing in New York hopefully he can get some better fashion advice.



9. Lindsay Vonn - Skier

Pretty much anything women wear to the ESPYs is going to be alright, as far as I am concerned at least. Apparently fashion shows are appalled by some of the dresses worn to the ESPYs, but to me they look fine, for the most part.

The main reason this Lindsey Vonn outfit made the 10 worst was because everyone else said it was so bad. To me, it looks fine, but who am I to argue with E! and whatnot.

Apparently, this was a bad outfit.



8. Serena Williams - Tennis

Well, even I have to admit that this is a bit out there.








7. Tyson Chandler - New York Knicks

Tyson Chandler is just looking at the camera thinking "Yeahhh, this isn't the best tux for me is it.."

When you are as big as Tyson Chandler, things can go bad very quickly.

It could have been worse though. Chandler avoided anything catastrophic here.





6. Arian Foster - Houston Texans

This was a gutsy move by Foster, and you have got to give him credit for trying...








5. Matt Barnes - LA Lakers

Too much plaid, combined with Chuck Taylor's.

Barnes is giving the camera man the "Am I really wearing this?" look.







4. Donald Driver - Green Bay Packers

Yeah, they won the Super Bowl that year, but that doesn't give you the ability to wear gold.  Driver was probably feeling a little too good after the win, and thought he could pull off a look that well, nobody can.

At least his jewelry matches his gold look.






3. Shaun White - Skateboarding, Snowboarding

It kind of looks like he's wearing a purple bathrobe here...





2. Justin Beiber - Singer (thats what they say at least)






Beiber is the only non-athlete on the list, but because he managed to find his way on the list in back to back years, he is all the way up at number 2. Race car look and pants on the ground look. Never Good.


1. Brian Wilson - San Francisco Giants

Wilson has got to be number 1 on the list... He wore a spandex tuxedo and some kind of basketball shoes to a red carpet event.

That said, everybody thought this was the coolest thing at the ESPYs, and at least you can't say Wilson wasn't being himself.

This is why Brian Wilson is awesome.

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