Where Do The Lakers Go From Here?

The Lakers have started to find their way back into the conversation, "who is the best team out West?"  It seemed a few weeks ago that everybody was ready to write them off as another failed experiment.  Much like that of the Gary Payton and Karl Malone Super-team of a few years ago.  Alas, the Lakers seem to have righted the ship in time to save this season.

Mike Brown wasn't the right choice to be coach of the Lakers and that fact finally caught up with him.  No disrespect to him as a coach, but he wasn't the right guy.  D'Antoni may or may not be the best choice to be coach either, but he is who we have at this point.  I know that if their is one positive that comes from Brown being gone it is the horrendous JV High School offense of the Lakers.   They could barely score 80 points a game.  It was horrible.

Kobe looks like he is ready for a title run.  I haven't seen him play so crisp on the offensive end in a few years.  He isn't jacking up horrible shots on every possession, because he feels like he needs to.  He just looks like he has more confidence in the players around him and that is without dead eye shooter Steve Nash.  Wait until the Lakers are once again at 100% and watch this team be one of the top 3 scoring teams in the NBA.

The Lakers record is 6-5 and though that may not seem great, it could be a whole lot worse.  I give props to management for cutting ties with Brown so quickly in the season and proving that losing will not be taken lightly.  This team could easily reel off 10 or 12 straight wins and have the best record in the league.  The talent is definitely there.  We still need that bench to step up a bit though.

Antawn Jamison has been a major disappointment thus far and yet I still expect him to turn things around quickly.  Both Steve's, Nash and Blake, need to get healthy quickly though I have been mildly impressed with Darius Morris.  He hasn't done anything spectacular, but he has done what is asked.  That is all you want in your back-ups, back-up.

The Lakers have a lot of things to improve on, but you can see that things are starting to come together.  We know what to expect from Kobe and Pau, but the rest of this team is a huge question mark.  We will see what this team looks like come All-Star Weekend and hopefully we are talking about a division leading team.  I think I would be disappointed if they weren't leading their division.

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