What Does 2 Wins Mean In The Grand Scheme Of Things

The Lakers are on a winning streak!  That is not something that Laker fans have seen much of so far this season and who knows if 2 wins actually constitutes a winning streak.  At this point however, a win is a win.  We need lots of wins or the Lakers will not even make the playoffs.  The season has been about as horrible as possible so far.  If the Lakers drew up a game plan for how the season would turn out, this would have been a worst case scenario.

You know who saw this coming before the season?  Nobody!  Don't lie and act like you knew that the Lakers would be this bad.  You may have been like Mark Cuban and hoped that they would be terrible, but nobody knew that the Lakers would be so incredibly terrible.  I haven't been so excited about 2 wins as a Laker fan since the Kwame Brown/Smush Parker era.  2 wins in a row was impressive then, but now it is just embarrassing.  I will give the Lakers one thing during this immense winning streak.  They are at least beating the teams they should beat.

Dwight Howard still doesn't look 100%.  I think he was getting close to getting there and then this shoulder injury caused another setback.  He looked much more explosive in the Milwaukee game than he has all year however.  I am hoping that his back injury is finally starting to improve.  Pau is still out and who knows how much longer he will be out or how much longer he will be with the Lakers.  He has been part of so many trade rumors of late it is hard to keep track.

The Lakers may have found a hidden gem in Earl Clark.  When I saw him play in college at Louisville, I thought for sure that he would be a big time NBA talent.  He had all the tools and yet has been a disappointment so far in his career.  However, since Pau has been out and Clark has gotten a shot to play he has not disappointed.  He has put up solid numbers and I think when Pau does return he will be able to keep a rotation spot.  The Lakers need his youthful athleticism desperately.

Kobe Bryant is having the best season of his career.  Look at what he did against Milwaukee.  He scored 31 points on 19 shot attempts.  He shot over 63% for the game and he didn't force any crazy/wild/unnecessary shots.  The weird thing is that the Lakers seemed to be better when he was doing that the past 12 years.  I think that will change and Kobe will find a way to get this team winning at the right time.   Like right now!  Also, he is playing great defense.  I always thought it was ridiculous that he was awarded 1st team All-Defense in the NBA for like 10 seasons.  This season I think he is finally earning that award.  He looks like he is working harder than ever on that side of the ball.

The Lakers are at that point in the season where it is either they start winning or try to find a way to keep some of these pieces together for next season while finding places to improve.  If they don't start winning right away they will fear missing the playoffs for the first time in forever.  With the team that they have I don't see them missing the playoffs, but they need to get into a position where they don't have to play OKC in the first round.  I am not that worried about the Clippers, but the Lakers need to be at their best to top the Thunder.  If the season started 2 games ago the Lakers would be fine.  However, we are almost half way through and the Lakers need to get things going.  Go Lakers!

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