The NBA…And, Maybe, Everything Else

Well, Ryan Leaf got busted again—with his face plastered on the front page of Monday’s USA Today—for allegedly breaking into people’s houses to get their pain meds; opiates are a hard thing to kick, believe you me, but that’s not the real story.

The thing is: This happened is his native Montana, as the story goes, so there’s the rub. The humongous rectangular state of our union bordering Canada produces some interesting people about whom we can discuss—like dare-devil Evel Knievel or film-maker David Lynch—but maybe we’ve never properly thanked them for the quarterback catastrophe and now train wreck of a human being they gave us.

Thank you Montana. And now: Onto the important stuff…


The Battle for Los Angeles. Tonight on ESPN the Clippers host the Lakers in what will be the rubber match for their season series.

Way back when, in January, the Clips took game one, 102-94, negating Kobe’s 42 points—it was the fourth time in as many games he had done so, too—mainly because CP3 had some impressive numbers of his own, to the tune of 33/4/6; however, LAL leveled the playing field later in that same month, with a 96-91victory, thanks to a balanced attack, that included 24/7/6 from Kobe, 23&10 from Gasol and 19/6/4 blocks from Andrew Bynum.

The only thing that should scare Lakers fans is that home court has held serve in the previous two meetings of these ball clubs, but remember: This thing is about beating the in-town rival more times than his beat you. The division notwithstanding (and the Clippers are only a game-and-a-half back), the Lake Show wants this one for pride.

And the way these two teams have been playing recently, bet on purple and gold.

The Interesting New York Dilemma. This one is just weird—like something out of a Twilight Zone episode or something.

The New York Knicks are 2-4 when Carmelo Anthony goes north of 30 points. Let me repeat that: 2-4 when Melo nets 30+ pts. It gets worse…

Not the injuries either, for NYK has lost the last three times he’s done it. Okay—the injuries are scary, too, because now Melo is your primary scoring option, but the Knicks had been playing so well under Coach Woodson. They should, at the very least, be able to win a playoff game, and exit in round one of the playoffs.

Who am I kidding? The Knicks were always destined to do that, healthy or not, yet it is an interesting discovery, no?

The Ultimate Distraction. I’ll just come out and say it: I don’t know how well I’ll be able to focus on the NBA if Tiger Woods is in the hunt at the Masters; this is just me being honest.

Tiger playing good golf is like nothing else on earth.

[caption id="attachment_882" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo Credit: Paul Buckley"][/caption]

Put that right up there with Kobe playing offense, Jeremy McGrath racing supercross in his prime (and I’ve seen that in person), Mike Tyson boxing, Barry Bonds hitting, and place at the end of this list anything else you’d like. (Feel free to comment.)

I’m off to see the wizard, but before I go, I’ll give you some Guns N’ Roses, because I’m on a bit of a binge right now, and this stuff—like heroin—is hard to kick…


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