The End of the Lakers’ Season…But Not the NBA

Axl was so close, wasn’t he? Just close enough to greatness he could smell it but not touch it, and it’s a common thread in music. Billy Corgan was oh-so close, as were Oasis a few times, and the difference between being good, really good and great is not hard to see—it’s what makes Bob Seger (great) and Billy Squier (good at best) so dissimilar—yet why this happens is tricky to come by, isn’t it?

Not for Billy Squier, no, but for Guns N’ Roses, the Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis—in particular—you wonder where it all went south. When did this become a music column? I don’t know; it just helps me think, I guess; the lyrics help, too.

“And don’t you cry tonight. There’s a heaven above you, baby,” as Axl so bluntly puts it. Take heed…

Wait for Sunday, for It’ll be Great.

I plead with Laker fan to not give up on basketball just because the Lake Show is no longer participating, because the Thunder & Spurs series will be something.

I’ll take the Spurs in seven games in an all-out war of epic proportions—no, historical…

So tune in Sunday, if for nothing else to see how far the Thunder go in these here playoffs—because remember what happened to the last team to knock the Lakers out of the playoffs, the Mavericks; yeah, that’s right, they won the NBA Finals.

Might not be in the cards this year, but recall the relief Laker fan when you could say, “Well, at least we lost to the best team in basketball this year.” It could happen again, so try to find the silver lining, alright?

The East is still in the Second Round? That’s Right!

Photo Credit: AJ Mast/APLocked a two games apiece were both of these series, that was, until last night…the Celtics put an end to that—as surely either the Pacers or the Heat will tonight in Miami.

The money’s one Miami, for the contest is in their building, but if you got a good feeling about this series be forewarned: This is going seven, and I don’t know how, I just got a funny feeling, and it stems from the idea that LeBron and Wade aren’t going to post 70 points between the two of them every time these guys meet.

Random Stuff…

Orlando lost a coach and a GM in one fell swoop, so the onus is on you now Dwight…Coyotes’ Captain leading the way—Shane Doan had both goals in their 2-0 defeat of the LA Kings…When did Danny Granger become such a trash talker?

How about more music talk, shall we? Jack White covering a U2 song almost makes me like U2—almost being the key word. Take it away Mr. White; sounds like a line from Reservoir Dogs, doesn’t it?


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