The End of LA

The Lakers are on at One o’clock on Sunday, playing the Mavs in Big D, but I’m stuck pre-All-Star break with this team. We should’ve had a funeral for this team after they went down fifteen to nothing to open their latest contest against the Clippers.

Now I’m watching the Golden State Warriors on ESPN, and I’m thinking—scratch that, I know—they’re better than LAL. They’re playing the Spurs of all teams, and they look fluid, and as they move as one, they’re practically lapping the Lakers. And they’re hosting the Spurs during this contest, and to begin the second quarter, they’re within two, and they got a chance to win.

Why am I harping on the Warriors? Because the only thing interesting thing about the Lake Show is their demise. Golden State has hope for the second season, while the Lakers will be watching the playoffs on television like myself.

Funny thing about the Lakers upside is how slighted it has become. Kobe was averaging thirty some a game and leading the league in scoring, and now he’ll be lucky—or good enough—to finish top five in scoring. Pau Gasol is coming off the bench; Steve Nash is finally looking his age; Dwight Howard is the basket case everyone feared he could become; and the Lakers coach—who doesn’t even deserve to be named—is a deer in headlights.

Basketball is almost unwatchable without a good team in LA, but the Clippers have that covered in spades. Plus, the Knicks and Melo look like legit challengers to take the Heat in the East, so all isn’t totally lost, yet the Lake Show needs to be cancelled to prevent further disgust on my part. How much wasted talent can one team…?

The Warriors are up seven now in the second quarter as I write this, and I’m losing focus, and I don’t care. Basketball is empty without the Lakers; NBA fans deserve better than this; no Kobe Bryant, no LAL makes John a dull boy.

One positive thing about basketball this year is the James Harden trade. It’s got nothing to do with the Lakers, but it’s more interesting. Russell Westbrook dropped thirty seven on the Timberwolves tonight, and I don’t think that’d be possible with Harden still on the Thunder. Westbrook is playing like a man possessed, and Harden has emerged as a leader of the Rockets, all while helping Houston forget the lackluster Jeremy Lin showing that has been this basketball year. Both teams won in that trade, and that never happens.

Jarrett Jack for two; go to commercial.

Ricky Rubio had nine assists and five steals in the defeat; ESPN is the ultimate in column resource.

The Lakers are winning tonight while I type this, too, so I’ve got that going for me, but Howard Stern on Sirius satellite radio is keeping me going and confident, so no point in stopping now. Who are they playing anyway? The Trailblazers? They don’t matter, do they?

Caught watching TV again…The bottom line lead on ESPN has something about the Chicago Blackhawks and a record…39-38 Spurs at the break…The Knicks have lost four in a row…

Does anyone care about this anymore? How about the Daytona 500? The Oscars? No one. The complete and utter destruction of the Los Angeles Laker is more interesting than all of that combined. Watching someone fall draws more flies than someone flourishing.

The only possible thing more interesting than LAL would be Adele singing at the Academy Awards. Maybe?

How to wrap this up is something that’s bothered me since I started this, so I’ll go out like some kind of a pretend prognosticator:

OKC over MIA in six

NBA finals


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