Thank God It’s Friday

Well: The Knicks finally lost a game that Jeremy Lin started, so everyone’s realized he’s human like everyone else, and now we can get talking about more important things like: When’s Melo coming back? How much better—if at all—will J.R. Smith make them? And, the question since it happened, what’s Baron Davis’ role on this team? Or, when will he play?

Plus, if anyone noticed to whom New York lost; New Orleans is slowly looking like a basketball team again with Chris Kaman activated. Now all they need is to get Eric Gordon back, and they don’t have enough time to become a competitor, I think, yet they could play spoiler and beat some teams, after the break, that need wins to get in the playoffs.

But enough randomness—for now—and let’s talk about Los Angeles…

The State of LA. The Lakers might be beginning a winning streak here before the All Star break; if it’ll stay that way is yet to be seen, but at least it currently looks to be in their future.

By the way: What’s with Kobe playing the Suns? He’s unstoppable against Phoenix; just look at the two times he’s played them: On 1/10 he dropped 48 on the Suns, and last night, he went 36/9/6. Wow.

Think that’s good news, LAL plays the Suns, although it’s in Phoenix, Sunday night, and they meet again in April, so more points shall be coming to the NBA’s leading scorer.

The Clippers are adjusting to life without Chauncey Billups and with Kenyon Martin well, so there’s really not much to report. Randy Foye’s been starting, and Mo Williams is coming off the bench nicely; furthermore, Martin hasn’t messed with the rotation at all amongst the Clips limited supply of big men.

 On the horizon for LAC is an afternoon showdown with fellow division leader San Antonio today, and that should be a good determinate of just how well off the Clippers truly are in their current state. We shall see…

Randomness. Dwight Howard had his seventh 20/20 game yesterday with 26&20—and four blocks—in a home victory versus Milwaukee, 94-85; the Bulls are 7-2 without Rose in the lineup (yeah, I know, I didn’t believe it either when I saw it); has anyone else seen Michael Redd playing for the Suns because he’s a surprise delight for that team.

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TV Time.

I hope you got used to seeing Portland on television, because there’s more of the same coming your way: Tonight on NBATV is ATL/POR; Sunday on ABC is DAL/NYK followed by ORL/MIA; then, as a nightcap, DEN/OKC; and on Monday night, TNT has BOS/DAL and POR/LAL.

Have at it…I know I will.

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