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Statistics are human beings with the tears wiped off.  ~Paul Brodeur, Outrageous Misconduct

Every statistic you'll ever need to know prior to the Lakers/Mavericks second round playoff series:

- 66% of the people in this picture regret it:

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- Dirk Nowitzki's career stats: FG: 47.6%, 3PT: 38.1%, PPG: 23.0, PF: 2.6

Dirk Nowitzki's stats vs. LAL: FG: 44%, 3PT: 34.5%, PPG: 22.4, PF: 2.9

Although Dirk has nearly been at his scoring average versus the Lakers, it takes him more shots and more three point attempts to accomplish that. Nowitzki is usually able to pull out a traditional power forward from the low block and either jump shoot him to death or take him on the drive. Because of the unique combination of Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol guarding him when he plays the Lakers, Dirk is forced into more difficult shots. Not to mention the fact that he has to guard one of the Laker big men, which accounts for the increase in his fouls per game against the Lakers.

- Phil Jackson is 48-0 when winning game 1 of a playoff series, and moreover, 55-1 when having any type of lead at all in a playoff series.

- Andrew Bynum's career stats: FG: 56.9%, REB: 7.1, PF: 2.7, PPG: 10.5

Andrew Bynum's stats vs. DAL: FG: 62.3%, RED: 7.7, PF: 1.9, PPG: 11.1

Bynum's play in the first round series against the Hornets has him adequately prepared to be the focal point of the series against Dallas. The Mavericks have traditionally been undersized, and even with the addition of Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood, Bynum should be able to dominate the inside. He has scored at an astounding rate against the Mavericks, and been able to rebound the ball better as well. On the other end of the court, Bynum hasn't had to expend much energy guarding anyone on the Mavericks, which has lead to less fouls and more time on the court.

- Season rebounding totals: LAL - 3rd/DAL - 14th

(Not to mention Dallas is 18th in opponents rebounds per game)

- 100% of all people should hate this video:

- LAL vs. DAL head-to-head: The Lakers are 97-31 all time against the Mavericks. From 1995-2004, the Lakers were 31-3 against the Mavericks, including a 19 game win streak. Finally, since 2007, the Lakers are 10-3 against the Mavericks.

- Lakers in six

- They've done studies you know, 60% of the time it works, everytime.

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