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My sentiments exactly—except I’d like to draw the comparison of the movie They Live and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Everyone knows of Kevin Durant, but few probably know just how well the Thunder are playing—most likely, they’re the best team in the league—so we’ll say he’s like John Carpenter in this case. Everyone has seen or heard of Halloween, yet few have seen the hidden gem of They Live.

Plus, if anyone caught the last two Thunder games, they fit the bill for the clip as well.

On with the Lakers talk, because that’s most likely why we’ve all here…

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As usual, the Los Angeles Lakers looked amazing at home last night (Steve Blake contributing 17 points even) as they beat Portland into the ground. But the same problem arose during Sunday’s road loss to Phoenix after they handled them at the Staples Center just two nights prior.

They’re not alone in this problem; in fact, LAL took advantage of the Blazers struggling in the same manner they are currently. But harder times are coming.

The road to the All Star break will not be easy. A back-to-back versus the Mavericks and then the Thunder, with both contests on the road, could have the Lakers on the ropes heading to the break. San Antonio cured their road woes; why can’t the Lakers?

I wish I had an answer.

Big Numbers from OKC. During the last two nights, the Thunder have been on fire—and not just their superstars either—even though they’ve been hot, too.

In a come from behind overtime win against the Nuggets, in which Kevin Durant dropped 51 (a career high) and Russell Westbrook netted 40 of his own, it was Serge Ibaka that had the numbers that stuck out the most.

Ibaka had a triple double to the tune of 14/15/11 blocks. And yes, you read that right: Eleven blocks. Then, during the next game versus the Hornets (another W), Kendrick Perkins had 13 rebounds and 6 blocks of his own, proving Ibaka isn’t the only thing to fear down low for OKC.

Furthermore, in the same game, both Durant and Westbrook managed to score 31 points. Sorry Lakers fans, but that game on Thursday looks like an L if you ask me.

More Unordinary Numbers. The Golden State Warriors are by far one of the more interesting teams in the league, just because they’re so much fun to watch and to discuss.

They lost a heartbreaker to the Grizzles on Saturday—all while Stephen Curry scored 36 and Monta Ellis had 33. Wow. Yet, get this: Memphis won 104-103, with six people in double figures, and no one went north of 20 points. Double wow.

Funnier than that, even, is how GSW just turned around from that loss, flew home, and beat the Clippers. Like I said: They’re interesting.

The Spurs are on an 11-game winning streak, and it appears to have no end in sight; just thought I’d give credit where credit is due by mentioning that…

Lastly, I brought up Ersan Ilyasova in my little All Star rant, and you should check him out now that he’s a starter. He had 29&25 on Sunday when the Bucks beat the Nets, followed by 15&15 in the middle of a three-point L to the Magic. Good stuff.

TV Time. NBATV has SAC/MIA and SAS/POR tonight; ESPN’s got BOS/OKC and LAL/DAL the next; and TNT is showing NYK/MIA and LAL/OKC the night after that.

So, after you watch They Live, you have more than enough NBA that requires you’re consumption before All Star Weekend.

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