Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Interested With Chris Copeland?

The Los Angeles Lakers are certainly in extreme need for some improvement on their bench production way back from the previous season and also do an upgrade with their athletics. With a budget of about $3 million, they certainly need to come up with a bargain player soon. It was on a Monday night that they started their search.

One of the eyed players is Chris Copeland who was a rookie for the New York Knicks and has about an average of 8.7 points. He also has a field goal shooting of 47.9% and 42.1% from downtown. He splits balanced time between playing as a power forward and a small forward too. It could really be nice for the team to think about coming up with an offense that has an up tempo.

Here is one of the tweets that serve as proof for the search of the Lakers team:

League source: The Jazz and Lakers are the first two teams to officially inquire about Chris Copeland. No talk of offers yet. #Knicks

— Jared Zwerling (@JaredZwerling) July 1, 2013

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