Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Former Clippers Center Kaman Looking Forward To Be A Part of the Lakers

After all the drama on losing Dwight Howard, veteran center Chris Kaman looks forward and expresses excitement on being a part of Los Angeles Lakers plus working alongside Kobe Bryant. There is a great chance for the versatility of Kaman to fill up the void that Howard left and even lessen the drama that surrounds the lonely season for the Lakers.

According to Kaman, he is more than willing to the best he can to do the new job he is assigned to. He added that it all depends with the instructions of the coach and that he is confident enough to maintain a good relationship with everyone.

As to the issues that Howard once had with the Lakers, Kaman said with confidence that such issues won’t bother him at all. He has high intrigues with how it is to work with Bryant after having spent most of his career time being a crosstown rival. At 31, Kaman has spent 8 out of the first 10 NBA seasons with the team of the Clippers before he was even traded to the New Orleans.

As for his opinion on how far the Lakers will go for the next season, Kaman said that is still a hard question to answer at the moment. If there’s one thing he’s certain about is that he needs to face and cope with all the adjustments.

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