Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Still Unsure Whether To Stay Or Leave

If there’s one thing that is being held unanimous within the Los Angeles Lakers is that GM Mitch Kupchak and Kobe Bryant wants Dwight Howard to come back. Now the problem lies in the uncertainty of Howard himself about this decision.

Dwight Howard has not revealed yet which way he will take but in one interview, the player mentioned that he has all the “right to be happy.” He insisted too during his end of season interview that the surest thing he will do is do what he thinks is best for himself. The NBA player decides to get away from the entire game scene first and get his head cleared.

On the other hand, Bryant thinks that it is highly important for Howard to re-sign for the team while Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Kupchak is confident with Howard returning. The GM admitted though that if there is one thing that Howard is looking for in the team that they may be lacking is what leaves him and the rest clueless too.

Dwight Howard cannot get to visit other NBA teams until he has become a free agent by June 30. At the moment, Howard can choose to sign for other potential teams like Atlanta, Dallas and Houston who can offer him up to $88 million for four years. But if he chooses to re-sign for Los Angeles Lakers, the he is to get $118 million for five years.

If you can give an advice to Dwight Howard, what will you suggest for him to do?

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