Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Slams Laker Fans

Well, this is escalating quickly. It was reported this morning that Dwight Howard is a virtual lock to leave the Lakers because he doesn't like head coach Mike D'Antoni and especially doesn't like his fit in D'Antoni's system. Well now there's this, from the popular fan blog Lakers Nation

In conversations with Howard, the big man reportedly called L.A. fans “the most unappreciative group of people ever,” going on to say that people in Los Angeles are “ungrateful.”

O.K. then.

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Everyone knew that Dwight did not much care for the intense pressure that comes with being one of the marquee players on the marquee franchise in the league. But this is on a whole other level.

The full post is a pretty awesome lambasting of Howard and his child-like desire for unconditional love no matter how egregiously he underperforms, and absolutely worth checking out in full.

It seems that Dwight fails to realize that when you play for the Los Angeles Lakers (or any other great franchise, such as Boston or Chicago or New York), the fans aren't going to love you just because you're there. The Lakers already have Kobe Bryant, who has earned the undying love fans heap upon him. They've had Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry-freaking-West. You don't get their support just by putting on a jersey. If that's what Dwight wants, then I'm sure he'll love Houston.

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Lakers Nation: Terrified, Petulant Dwight Howard Blaming Fans for L.A. Departure

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