Los Angeles Lakers Offseason: Trade Andrew Bynum?

The Los Angeles Lakers trading Center Andrew Bynum, the next star of the team, seems somewhat absurd after he put together an All-Star season. Although, looking at the baggage that comes with Bynum there is no reason not to look at him as a possible trading prospect. The Lakers are at a pivotal point franchise wise, they are transitioning from the Kobe Bryant era and are heading into the future. It all seems natural to have Andrew Bynum step right in and become the primary face of the Lakers. Though, as the 2011-2012 NBA season has transpired the Los Angeles Lakers have been exploited by various teams and the writing is on the wall for management to make a blockbuster deal, something that they are historically known for.

Bynum would be the ideal candidate to trade with his value peaking from the season that he has had. Many of the other players who have some trade value, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, and Metta World Peace, all have contracts that most if not all NBA teams would not be willing to pick up. Trading away Bynum is the next step in moving forward towards the future. The Lakers cannot invest in Bynum, because he is not the type of player that can be the primary face of a franchise. When he wants to be dominating on the court there are few, if any, big men in the game that can guard him, the key word being when, because he turns his switch on and off during any given game.

He is still a young player and from most perspectives, will dominate the NBA for years to come. Projections are not definite and can change very quickly, especially for a player like Andrew Bynum who is just now entering the prime of his career. He is seen disengaged at the worst times, acts like a petulant child, and almost has a sense of entitlement due to the backing of Lakers management in the past. How much can the Lakers invest in player who acts like this? Surely, management cannot invest the future of the Lakers franchise. Out of all the players on the Lakers roster, Bynum is the player that has to be traded, for better or worst, management has a player that is dysfunctional and at the same time probably a perennial All-Star big man.

Of course, it takes two to make a deal and in the best case scenario the Lakers would trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard. This situation would work out for both parties, it certainly seems as though Dwight Howard is going to leave Orlando whether it happens during the season next year or next offseason. He has certainly expressed in the past his desire to come to L.A. and play for the Lakers. In contrast to Bynum,  Howard is never questioned about his effort on the court; he is a 20/20 player night in and night out. He is not as polished as a scorer in comparison to Bynum, but he is the best defensive center in the league when healthy. Having that defensive presence in the post is definitely needed for a Lakers team that is aging right before everyone’s eyes. Howard would be a perfect transition from Kobe, and bring more energy to a Lakers frontcourt that is in desperate need of some.

The current season for the Lakers has concluded and management cannot let another summer go by without a blockbuster deal for a franchise-type player. Los Angeles is yearning for the next superstar to take the reigns from Kobe and compete for a NBA championship year in and year out. Bynum does not exhibit enough leadership to be considered a franchise player. He is an excellent young player but fails to compare to Dwight Howard in heart, determination, and maturity on the court. Whatever transpires this offseason for the Lakers, it is sure to be an interesting summer in which Andrew Bynum will indeed be under the spotlight.

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