Los Angeles Lakers News and Rumors: Kobe Bryant on Injury, Jordan and More

Kobe Bryant recently sat down with ESPN Lakers beat writer Dave McMenamin (@mcten) to discuss a wide variety of things. Lakers blog lakeshowlife.com has a very good breakdown of the topics.

First off is of course the Achilles tear. Bryant's rehab is in it's very early stages, but social media guru that he is, Kobe posted an Instagram picture of him on a treadmill last week. His main goal is to be back by opening night next year, which would be a speedy recovery for someone his age. Although when has Kobe ever been "normal?"

Kobe also talked Michael Jordan comparisons in Phil Jackson's new book and about one Dwight Howard.

Check out the full story: LakeShowLife: Kobe Talks Recovery, Michael Jordan, Dwight Howard

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