Los Angeles Lakers News: Metta World Peace says he's retiring

After the Lakers waived forward Metta World Peace via the amnesty clause, saving some $20 million in salary and luxury tax fees next year, the speculation started immediately over where World Peace might land. The Knicks were considered to be frontrunners, especially given World Peace's desire to play in a larger market.


Wait, what? So now, as it turns out, Metta World Peace is retiring. At age 33. World Peace is still a very solid small forward, and while perhaps not worth the $7.9 million the Lakers would have owed him, he could easily sign for $6 million. But retire?


Ah, now it makes sense. I mean it doesn't make sense at all, but that's exactly why it makes sense. This is Metta World Peace. Of course he wants to go play arena football. Or play in China. Or whatever.

Metta then brought it on twitter.

Never change, Metta, never change.

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