Los Angeles Lakers News: Kobe Bryant To Play For Three To Four More Years

The most popular player of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant had a 2012-13 campaign end with a not so happy circumstance having his Achilles tendon break. Such a situation can be a troublesome setback for any other player, but for Bryant, it just meant continuing on for a couple of years more.

No one knows how much energy the player still has left and how much he is willing to carry on after the long process of rehabilitating for his injury. The good news is that this setback has just set ablaze more passion and fire for the game for the 34 year old player. It was in an interview with a Brazilian television that he mentioned he visualizes himself still player for around three or maybe around four years more.

To be clear, Bryant is not committing to the timetable he is proposing but he could see it as a major potential. This certainly makes sense with the kind of personality the player has always shown to many. No matter how tough things were going, Bryant has been able to stay as a relevant player in every game during the duration of his entire career.

Indeed, Kobe Bryant will remain not just a pride for the Los Angeles Lakers alone but moreover for the entire NBA in general.

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