Los Angeles Lakers News: KOBE BRYANT WALKS

Here is video Kobe posted on Instagram of him walking without a boot (albeit with crutches, but it doesn't look like he's using those much).

It's obviously a long recover process for Kobe, but we are starting to see tangible improvements in the health of his achilles. According to Bryant, the video is actually from June 1st, but he just posted it last night.

June 1st. 7:30am. My first steps without the boot. Rockin the #medicalmambas Walkin like a baby giraffe. #achillesrupture #challenge #pray4bear #recovery

Kobe said a few days ago he hoped to be ready to play not long after the start of the season, and he looks well on the road to that.


In (seemingly) totally unrelated news, Kobe trended worldwide on Twitter after the Heat won Game 7 last night.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="293" caption="Photo from LakersNation.com"][/caption]


No idea why, but in the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, "KOBE!"


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