Los Angeles Lakers News: Imagining the Worst

What are the worst things that could happen to the Lakers this offseason, the nightmare scenarios coming together to spell eminent doom? Lake Show Life has a look at some of the possible calamities, and their potential consequences. The top-5:

  1. Dwight Howard doesn't re-sign.
  2. Kobe's rehab takes longer than expected, forcing him to miss a significant portion of the season.
  3. Pau Gasol doesn't fully heel and plays through injury all season.
  4. The Lakers are forced to amnesty Metta World Peace.
  5. Earl Clark doesn't re-sign.

Then of course the Lakers miss the playoffs with their roster full of nobody's (looking at you, Chris Duhon), but don't suck enough to get a top-3 pick and draft another solid role player but no one special. What a lovely way to spend the season (and next few years maybe).

Of course, that is the absolute worst case scenario (that'sĀ foreseeable), but obviously not much fun to think about.

Lake Show Life: The Worst Case Scenario: Lakers Offseason

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