Los Angeles Lakers News: Dwight Howard Might Not Come Back For Next Season?

There are many fans of the Los Angeles Lakers out there who still want to see Dwight Howard to be back for the long term. But everyone should start realizing that even if that does not happen, the world will not end.

Howard himself probably understands that he can only go as fast as his other teammates. The only difference that he has when compared to Lebron James is that Howard still does not fully realize that even if he is the future face of the franchise, he carries the burden to make its contending aspect.

The team surely needs to start a stable culture of defense at first which will proliferate amongst other contending teams like the Miami, Indiana, Memphis and San Antonio. And the challenge of changing the culture is right on the shoulders of Howard.

Howard not being an all natural leader becomes the problem. It can be said that he may be lacking in drive and desire to dominate the team unlike the big Shaq. Maybe it is best for the LA Lakers to instead make a good mix of free agents by 2014. It is undeniable that Howard is a good player but he may just fall as second best.

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