Los Angeles Lakers Breaking News: Kobe Says Achilles Is Strong But Dwight Howard Is The Future?

Kobe Bryant surely has been the most popular face for the Los Angeles Lakers but as per GM Mitch Kupchak, it’s time to Dwight Howard to shine and be the team’s future.

Bryant is taking the time to recover from his injury of a torn Achilles which he suffered from before the regular season ended. However, just yesterday, he tweeted that his Achilles is actually ‘very strong’ and that he is even aiming to return by November or sometime December right after the season 2013-2014 begins.

Below is the actual tweet from Kobe Bryant himself:

“Heat. Well deserved back to back #respect Congrats to BShaw! #overdue. My achilles is VERY strong already! #6obsession #lakers

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) June 26, 2013”

However, the most expensive question yet to be answered is how the team will look like just when the season starts. There are many teams who are waiting to bid on the future big man Howard to get to steal him from the Lakers.

But as for Kupchak, he is not bothered at all of the possibility that Howard might leave for another team. In fact, he considers Howard as the ‘future.’

Of course, Bryant will still the main face of the team but the importance of Howard cannot be undersold.

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