Lakers Trade Rumors: Top Three Trades The Lakers Should Pursue

Lakers trade rumors: Top three trades

After an up and down year, the Los Angeles Lakers must acquire players in this offseason to boost their bench and first unit team. Rumors have flown across the table for months from Dwight Howard to Paul Pierce and whether to keep big man Pau Gasol. Of course the Lakers acquiring Dwight Howard would be the biggest story and one of the ultimate trades they could get but Howard being a little too “loyal”, Lakers fans can kiss that dream goodbye, most likely for good.

Over the course of this season more and more rumors have popped up, crazy rumors, like a Celtics player to the Lakers..? Youth is the key component for this Lakers team and any Celtics player does not fit that criteria. Bad trade. Even worse rumor. Eww.  With all these crazy trade rumors I have compiled the top three trades the Lakers should think about doing.

1. Andre Iguodala

Iguodala made quite an impression in the playoffs especially against Boston. He was scoring double digit figures respectively, against a team that is close to defeating Miami, a powerhouse and was the favorite to win.  He is a player that can score and is a threat in which will help get Kobe and Bynum more looks and breathing room. But the most important thing is he’s YOUNG. He has plenty of spunk and energy in him that is extremely vital to rebuild the Lakers.  Acquiring Iguodala through a trade of Pau Gasol would be a great one. The 76ers have a very young team and could use experience while the Lakers are just the opposite. Perfect trade.

2. Deron Williams

Very recent rumors say Williams has shown interest in the Lakers but he says the only way to acquire him is via trade due to low funds by the Lakers organization. That being said, it is completely fine. Lakers need to get rid of some players, Williams is interested…..I’m sure no one is against him joining the Lakers. There is a huge gap at the top of the key for this team called a point guard and Williams is a point guard, a great one at that. This will be a rat race as the Dallas Mavericks are very interested in Williams and have even cleared cap space which might give them a better chance to obtain him but this is one player the Lakers need to put their all in for. Williams would be very valuable and the point guard position is the weakest on the Lakers’ team.

3. Michael Beasley

The Minnesota Timberwolves apparently have had conversations with the Lakers about Beasley who they feel is still a little too immature for a fourth year and are looking to move him. He averaged 11 points with the T’wolves this season, not great but good. Even though he’s not all star material I think regardless the Lakers need to make moves in a different path. No more old or washed up players. Granted they did take chances with Josh McRoberts and Jason Kapono and a lot more, who all fell through in the middle of the season. But I think Beasley would prove his worth and play much better. He’s aggressive and if the immaturity part is the only real reason the T’wolves don’t want him, pass him over we’ll straighten him out!

These trades are realistic, the Lakers cannot most likely gain all star players due to salary caps and well let’s be honest some players just don’t want to wear the purple and gold. The only trade from this list really out of the Lakers range is Deron Williams, as he said himself it would have to be a trade. I think these three players would fit in perfectly with the style of the team and would make for a younger and more interesting team that fans can be happy with.

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