Lakers Top 50 Players of All Time - Nos. 45-41

No NBA yet. America hasn't missed a beat. Maybe I'm the only one who's pining for some hoops. Or maybe I don't know what it feels like to be a Bucks fan, and not having them around right about now isn't all that bad, especially with the Packers playing so well.

We can always reminisce though, on the glory (and not so glory) years of Lakers basketball. Let's continue our countdown of the 50 greatest Lakers of all time. Be sure to check out numbers 50-46.

45. Mike McGee

One of the "glue" guys from the great Lakers teams of the 1980s. McGee would come off of the bench and provide and instant scoring spark. On another note, what is up with those Lakers uniforms. I know it's the 80s and all, but couldn't they figure out how to get the jersey's color to match the shorts' color? Also, guest appearance by Mitch Kupchak in the picture.

44. Darrall Imhoff

Not quite meeting the standard of other Laker centers (kind of hard to do), but Imhoff was an integral part of the Lakers during the 1960s. He averaged a more than respectable 13.3 rebounds/game, and had the unenviable task of defending Bill Russell. Bonus points for the best Lakers crew cut over the years.

43. Sam Perkins

Perkins didn't have a long career with the Lakers, but was best remembered for hitting the game winning three-pointer in the only game that the Lakers won in the 1991 NBA Finals. He also had the sweetest Jehri curl while playing with the Lakers.

42. Elden Campbell

Campbell presided over the Lakers during one of the roughest periods in franchise history. I remember being frustrated with Elden on numerous occasions, most often when he dropped a pass from Van Exel. When Shaq was brought in, it was thought that he and Campbell would be a twin towers of sorts, which never really panned out. Credit where credit is due though, Campbell put in eight years with the Lakers, averaging 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks a game. What would make anyone want to create a video for him like the one below, is beyond me though...

41. Cedric Ceballos

Ceballos was an explosive, exciting player, but lacked the finishing touch and consistent shooting skills to take the Lakers to another level. Thinking back, he was kind of like "Kobe lite". He would have large scoring spurts here and there (long video, but does have some classic Chick in it as well), and is one of only 7 Lakers to average more than 20 points per game during their Laker tenure. And for some odd reason, I can distinctly remember watching this particular dunk:

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