Lakers Top 50 Players of All Time - Nos. 40-36

In the wake of yet another CBA deal rejected by the players, it looks like there will not be an NBA season this year. LeBron-not-winning-title-again jokes aside, let's pay homage to a group of players who played for nearly peanuts.

No free agency, no long term contracts, and minimal pay did not deter this group of NBA trend-setters. Known as the Yankees of the NBA at the time, the Minneapolis Lakers won 6 titles from 1949-59 before relocating to Los Angeles. Everyone knows about George Mikan, the goliath in the middle who started the trend of great Lakers centers, but let's not forget about his teammates. And before you go on thinking that there's no possible way that players from the 1950s are as good as the players today, just remember that without these guys, the Lakers and the NBA are nowhere near the national consciousness. They paved the way for the sport, and certainly gave the name "Lakers" some early cache.

These next 5 guys were the best of Mikan's Minneapolis teammates:

40. Slater Martin

39. "Hot Rod" Hundley

38. Clyde Lovellette

37. Jim Pollard

36. Vern Mikkelsen

And instead of me telling you about these guys individually, why not be transported back to that era with this great video. It's as old school as it gets, cheesy, and awesome, all wrapped into one video. Start at about 2:45 if you're in a pinch, but it's worth it to watch the whole thing.

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