Lakers Rumors: When Will Steve Nash Return?

Updated 10:15am ET

The Lakers last night showed that they are no more disappointing than we thought they are.

The Lakers who this summer traded for both Steve Nash AND Dwight Howard are 9-14 and are showing no signs of cohesion at all. Last night the Lakers took on the best team in the league, the New York Knicks, with a lot to prove and still lots the game 116-107.

Some say that the absence of Steve Nash, who has missed 21 games due to a  fractured fibula in his left leg and a nerve issue, is the cause of the Lakers woes.

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Well if you think his absence is the cause of this mess, you will be excited to hear that he anticipates to start practicing again sometime next week.

In an interview last night after the game Nash said: "We'll see. I'm definitely getting better. We'll see if I continue to improve and there's no setbacks, then I should be able to practice next week," Nash told "On the court, I've been running the last day and a half, and [my leg] has been responding pretty well. So, I haven't done a really huge load, huge amount, but it's something."

This is definitely a good sign for the Lakers who need any sort of spark at this point in order to get them back in gear.

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