Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash to the Indiana Pacers?


Updated 2/19/2013 at 1:25pm ET

With the trade deadline approaching in just two days, trade rumors are swirling around the Lakers organization. While the majority of the trade rumors have focused on Dwight Howard, the most likely trade might involve Steve Nash.

While Dwight is the one who has been under a microscope all season, Steve Nash has not been the help the Lakers hoped that he would be at the point guard position. Nash has spent a good amount of this season on the bench with nagging injuries.

One of the biggest trades that might be in the work is between the Lakers and the Pacers. The proposed trade would send Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, Jordan Hill and Steve Blake to the Pacers and the Lakers would receive Danny Granger, George Hill, Lance Stephenson and Ben Hansbrough.

If the Lakers were to go ahead with this deal, they would essentially be giving up on this season but more importantly they would be building for the future. The Pacers would love this trade because they would get some great players that can help them win now. The Pacers are currently in third in the East and could use all of these players as a massive boost to help their playoff run.

If the Lakers organization decides that they would like to build for the future instead of focusing on this season, there is a strong possibility that this trade can go through.

Stay tuned as more Lakers rumors emerge!

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