Lakers Rumors: O.J. Mayo coming to Los Angeles?

While the Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of a myriad of trade rumors from trading Pau Gasol to acquiring Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic. One rumor, which could have a positive yet quiet impact, is the Lakers trying to obtain free agent guard O.J. Mayo. Mayo would provide the Lakers with much needed help off the bench. If need be Mayo could potentially play alongside Kobe Bryant and provide some assistance in the Lakers backcourt as well.

Going this route would be ideal for the Lakers because they would not have to trade anyone anyway, they could just sign Mayo as a free agent. Although, the Lakers may have to try and convince Mayo to come off of the bench, especially if he receives another offer that could potentially have him placed in the starting lineup. Ideally, the Lakers would have Mayo backup Kobe Bryant that way the Lakers can get some much needed help on perimeter defense as well as the scoring that Mayo provides.

O.J. Mayo is not Lakers first priority this offseason, but he is an added asset. The addition of Mayo would help the Lakers improve as team, but may still leave them wishing that they got Dwight Howard or a starting point guard. The worst thing that the Lakers could do this offseason is to head into next season with the same team they had this year. Additions need to be made in order to better the team for the future. As the Western Conference stands right now, it looks as though the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to be the team to beat for the foreseeable future. This past season has certainly proved that the Thunder are on another level, and other teams need to take note. They are plenty of rumors that are out there and the Lakers need to pull the trigger, not necessarily on the best one, but the right one for the team. O.J. Mayo may not be the best acquisition, but he is certainly an addition to fill one of the voids in this Lakers team.

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