Lakers Rumors News: Nash and Kobe Ready to Team Up

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have squared off as Western Conference rivals many times, and admittedly had a rivalry. From Nash's bloody nose game to Kobe's posterization of Nash, there have been many heated battles between the two veterans.

So before Nash agreed to a deal that sent him to LA, he wanted to check things out with Kobe. After talking on the phone, Nash and Kobe both felt that they could go from rivals to teammates quickly, and that the move would benefit both players. When asked about the call, Nash said that Kobe was excited and ready to go.


Nash will take over the starting point guard duties in LA, replacing Ramon Sessions and Steve Blake, who both struggled last year. Many have speculated that Nash and Kobe will struggle to share the ball, but Nash nixed those thoughts after talking to Kobe. If anything, Nash's ability to penetrate could lead to better looks for Kobe, and Nash's ability to shoot the 3 will prevent defenders from double teaming Kobe.

In a time in the NBA when stars prefer playing together instead of rivalries, two old school foes decided that they too should forget past battles and work together for another title.

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