Lakers Rumors News: Dwight Howard Would Sign Extension

One potential road block to the potential Howard to the Lakers deal has been avoided.

News has surfaced that if Howard is dealt to LA, he would be willing to sign a long term deal.

Previously, there was widespread speculation that Howard would be reluctant to staying in LA long term.

This now makes Howard much more attractive to the Lakers, and relieves any hesitancy the franchise had about trading for Howard.

Even though this is a step in the right direction for the Lakers, there are still several hurdles yet to be cleared.

The Rockets are currently offering the Magic a much better deal than the Lakers can put together. In current talks with the Lakers, the Magic get basically three or four first round picks. The Rockets can offer a slew of young players and picks that interest the Magic much more than the Lakers offer.

Additionally, the third team, most likely the Cavaliers, would need a guarantee from Andrew Bynum similar to the one Howard just gave the Lakers. Why on earth would Bynum want to go to Cleveland long term, especially when he could stay in LA?

While the Howard to the Lakers deal took a step forward today, it is still far from complete.

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