Lakers Rumors News: Dwight Howard Reiterates Desire to Leave Orlando

In the latest episode of the Dwight Howard drama series, Orlando General Manager Rob Hennigan flew to Los Angeles to meet with Dwight.

Hennigan's intentions were to once again plead with Howard to stay with the Magic, or at least convince him to consider it.

Once again, Howard expressed his intentions to play elsewhere.

How this bodes for other teams is unclear, but once again it looks like the Magic would be wise to deal Howard and get something in return.

Earlier in the week, it looked like the Magic might hold on to Howard and take their chances.

Since the Rockets recently signed center Omer Asik to a three year $25 million dollar deal, Houston may no longer be a legitimate landing spot for Howard. With New Jersey and Houston possibly out of the picture, the Lakers chances seem to have improved.

If the Magic want to keep Howard, maybe their pleading isn't the way to go. The desperate approach never works. Should the Magic play hard to get? Can't hurt.

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