Lakers Rumors: Lakers and Nets in Dwight Howard Trade Talks

If you have read any of our earlier posts, you know the Dwight Howard situation can change at any second.

Today, possible deals for Howard have swayed from many times. Currently, the Lakers are the team to beat.

Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace have been offered for Howard straight up, a deal that the magic must consider.

Bynum has been judged as a stronger all around offensive player and a big man with more complete potential than Howard. Previously, it seemed that the Lakers were hesitant to deal deal Bynum, but their position turned today.

The Lakers have more to offer than any other team, and a Bynum-Howard offer cannot be discounted. Remember that the Magic are trading Howard, and regardless of Howard's preferences, the Magic will take the best they can get.

Sill, the Lakers will probably not make a deal unless they have confidence that Howard will sign a long-term deal after the season. If they feel that Howard won't resign, a deal could be put on hault.

Until then, the Lakers could be the frontrunners to land Howard.

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