Lakers Rumors: Lakers To Pursue PG Reggie Jackson In Free Agency Next Year?

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The Los Angeles Lakers were likely a very interested party when it came to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Reggie Jackson's contract extension talks before Friday's deadline.

Oklahoma City has already committed major money into Russell Westbrook at the point, so Jackson's desire for starter money (and a starting role going forward) are likely to drive him elsewhere come his restricted free agency in July of 2015.

Per Corey Hansford of Lakers Nation, Jackson "has spoken many times of his desire to be a starting point guard in this league, something he won’t do in Oklahoma City as long as Russell Westbrook is there. The Lakers have no point guards under contract for next season, and Jackson could definitely be a a great player given the opportunity."

Jackson could very well command $12-14 million on the market, especially with the salary cap expected to balloon due to the upcoming national NBA TV contracts. The Lakers' scouts will be able to get an extended look at Jackson for the next few weeks, watching him start in Westbrook's absence (hand).

One of the teams who will have the money to throw at Jackson is the Lakers, making this scenario an intriguing one to watch after the 2014-15 NBA season.

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