Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando?

After months of aggravating speculation, one thing is certain, Dwight Howard is the most infuriating player in the NBA right now. Numerous reports over the last few months linked Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets and the LA Lakers. Yet, Dwight has publicly changed his mind many times as to whether or not he will sign with the team he is traded too.

Additionally, now Howard is now wavering over whether or not he is happy in Orlando. Recent reports are confirming that Dwight Howard might be perfectly fine staying put for this season. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DWIGHT! You got your coach, Stan Van Gundy, fired because you weren't happy in Orlando and then you demand a trade and throw the rest of your team under the bus, and now you are happy with staying in Orlando so that you can test the free agency market next summer? Dwight, look in the mirror, you have become the biggest thug in the league.

Dwight needs to make a decision and stick with it. If I were in the Magic locker room, I would not invite Howard back and would let him hear it every day that he has brought shame to the Magic organization.

Lakers fans, look at what Howard is doing now and think do you really want this personality in your locker room? While Howard might be the best center in the league, the Lakers already have the second best center (Andrew Bynum). I say stick with the guns you've got now and avoid this whole train wreck that is Dwight Howard's personality. Go Lakers!


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